Expectations of Players

* do your best in practice and at games

* be on time for games and practices

* listen and learn from your coaches

* maintain your cool, even if you make a mistake

* hustle on and off of the court

* be a good sport at all times

* show respect for the referees

* develop self-control

* have respect for yourself, your teammates, your coaches and opponent

On average, one or two practices will be scheduled per week.  Players are expected to attend ALL practices.  If a player has a legitimate reason for missing practice,  he/she must inform the coach prior to the practice.  It is difficult to run a quality practice with less than 10 players, thus all players must make the effort to attend ALL practices.

Teams will play in at least two tournaments, depending on availability.  These tournaments are on weekends, and usually consist of 3-4 games over the weekend.  Parents are expected to provide transportation for their child to and from these games .

New players will need to purchase a uniform.

Please note that the cost of hotels and meals for the coaches will be paid for by the parents

Fury code of conduct and policies are listed here.