About Winnipeg Fury Basketball
Expectations of Coaches

* create a positive environment for players to learn, practice and play

* become familiar with current coaching and teaching techniques

* be kind and approachable

* provide ALL players with the opportunity to learn and play

* make every player feel an important part of the team

* set clear and reasonable expectations

* set reachable goals

* be courteous and polite

* be positive in all situations

* model good sportsmanship

* remember that the game is for the kids
  Expectations of Parents

* be supportive of the coach

* be a positive role model

* be respectful of the referees

* be there when your child is successful or struggling

* look for opportunities to work with your child on the skills of the game

* be supportive of your child, whether the team wins or loses

* communicate with the coach in appropriate ways; discuss your concerns off the court and in private

* support you child at all times (both good and bad)

* remember that the game is for the kids
  Philosophy Regarding Playing Time
The Winnipeg Fury has developed guidelines for playing time.  For players aged 12 and under playing time should be as close to equal as possible.  Remember that these age groups, although playing on a competitive club team, are developmental years.

Parents and players must realize that coaches will use their discretion to devise the substitution  plan based on each game situation.  Players will participate to varying degrees based on skill level, game conditions, player effort and attitude.

Fury code of conduct and policies are listed here.